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William Falk-Wallace

Programmer, Student


I am a Software Engineer at Optimizely. I contribute to open-source projects on Github, woodwork, and develop web apps, hardware, and electronics.

Technical Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • Python
  • UNIX
  • Knockout.js
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • C
  • PTC Creo
  • Flask
  • EagleCAD
  • LESS
  • UNIX
  • TeX
  • Git
  • MongoDB
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL
  • Coffeescript
  • OCaml



Software Engineer

July 2014 - present

San Francisco, CA


Co-Founder, Web Developer

February 2014 - present

New York, NY

At Columbia University hackathon, DevFest, created a Python Flask web app to allow users to view their phone’s contacts and message threads, as well as send and receive messages and calls directly from within the app. Linger won DevFest's Best Use of Twilio award. I am continuing development of the app and its business model in an Entrepreneurship class at Columbia

Nomis Solutions

Software Engineer Intern in Optimization

Summer 2013

San Bruno, California

At Nomis, I worked with Optimizations and Engineering teams to develop market financial pricing optimization software, developed a caching scheme to halve the program's total computation time, and modified computation parameters schema to incorporate expanded variable set enabling more efficient and precise optimization. I also documented computational software data and provided business-friendly interpretation to be used in software demonstrations.

Condé Nast

Mobile App Product Development Intern

Summer 2012

New York, New York

I performed in-depth market and brand research, including use of Adobe Omniture web-analytics software and created several mobile app concepts; I developed functionality, user interface, and marketing and business strategies. I also participated in cost and design meetings with third-party application design and development firms and formally presented app concept and design to magazine brands for review and funding.

Kim Group, Columbia University

Research Assistant

2011 - 2012

New York, New York

I measured thermopower in graphene on Boron Nitride samples in Helium cryostasis chamber. I also collaborated with international labs, exchanging various fabricated samples for measurement and worked frequently in a clean room environment, involving use of strong acids and precision measurement and fabrication equipment including AFM, SEM, e-beam evaporator and cryostat control and measurement software.

Columbia University

Teaching Assistant

Honors Introduction to Computer Science

Programming Languages and Translators

Introduction to Programming in C (Summer Program for High School Students)

Spring 2013

New York, New York

I supported student learning through weekly lectures, office hours, one-on-one meetings, and online forums, aided in the design of homework and practice problems and was responsible for grading exams and bi-weekly homework assignments for over seventy students.


Columbia University, Columbia College

B.A. Candidate 2014

New York, New York

Major: Computer Science — 3.55 GPA

Concentration: Physics

Phillips Academy Andover

2006 - 2010

Andover, Massachusetts

Honors Student; AP Scholar with Distinction; SAT 99th percentile

Relevant Coursework

  • Advanced Programming in C, C++, and UNIX
  • User Interface Design
  • Computer Networks
  • Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Science and Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Cryptography and Coding Theory
  • Combinatorics and Graph Theory
  • Programming Languages and Translators
  • Computer Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Object Oriented Design and Programming in Java
  • Computer Vision
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Fundamentals of Computer Systems

Activities & Projects

Columbia Men’s Varsity Swim Team, NCAA Division I

2010 - 2012

Pool Record Holder 200 freestyle Relay
Best Times: 50 freestyle: 20.89; 100 freestyle: 47.60
Trained 20+ hours weekly, including 6:30 A.M. practice daily

Columbia University Society of Automotive Engineers

System Head for Controls

2010 - 2013

As System Head for Controls, I participated in the building of a Formula-style racecar for competition with other universities and professional teams worldwide. I designed a new space-efficient and lightweight pedal system and designed and implemented a new impact attenuator design, based on EPS insulation foam, to reduce weight and improve the car’s efficiency. The implementation involved detailed static and quasi-static testing and energy-absorption analysis.

Woodwork and Fine Cabinetry


Planned and constructed a 14-foot skiff from raw materials
Various other projects including tables, games, machines, and bookcases

Electrical Engineering

Computer design and circuit analysis and creation of several projects, including reaction tester and computer-controlled thermal bitmap printer

Mechanical Engineering

3-D computer design and mechanical analysis using Creo design software, including innovative pedal-box system and impact attenuator for FSAE car as well as several toys, puzzles, and machines on Thingiverse and Shapeways.

OSS Contributions

Betty, whereami, JSON Resume, Jekyll Themes, and ansiweather.


The WHET DJ Language Compiler for Musical Composition is a project by William Falk-Wallace, Hila Gutfreund, Emily Lemonier, and Thomas Elling for Columbia University's COMSW4115: Programming Languages and Translators Class in Fall 2013, taught by Stephen Edwards.

Design and development of a procedural scripting language, DJ, which provides a programming paradigm for algorithmic music production as well as a DJ compiler written in OCaml. Further description and documentation can be found on the project page linked above.


Squareday is a project by William Falk-Wallace, Hila Gutfreund, Sophie Fader, and Nilkanth Patel for Columbia University's COMSW4170: User Interface Design Class in Fall 2013, taught by Steven Feiner.

Squareday is a FourSquare based schedule generator, allowing users to create itineraries with venues and times. This allows the user to have a basic schedule view as well as a calendar representation of all the places the user wants to visit according to their itinerary. The app offers the functionality of a location based schedule creator that helps a user visualize their schedule coordinates in addition to just displaying when different events occur. This visualization helps organize the day by time and location.

Markaround - in development

Currently in development, Markaround is a Markdown Flavor written in OCaml. Markaround is designed to simplify html document and static website development and compiles directly to html. It focuses on simplicity and ease of production, yet still allows css and js tie-ins as well as direct html embedding for advanced and tailored applications.


Currently in development, Gavel is a Ruby on Rails web app to create an easily-consumable platform for crowdsourced arbitration. Users post yes-no pleas for arbitration (ie. arguments or cases for an opinion or for a debate they may be having with a friend or peer) and watch as other users up and downvote, letting them know if they are right or wrong and who wins. Good judges build reputation and their judgments garner more weight. Think: StackOverflow for petty arguments...

Swipeo (out of date)

Swipeo is a project for Columbia University's COMSW4170: User Interface Design Class in Fall 2013, taught by Steven Feiner.

Swipeo is a gesture-controlled video player based on the html5 video element and the $P recognizer in javascript.

Geotweet (out of date)

Geotweet is a project for Columbia University's COMSW4170: User Interface Design Class in Fall 2013, taught by Steven Feiner.

Geotweet is a Twitter API App designed for searching and analyzing twitter topic trends organized by date and location.

RPI Server (work in progress)

Implemented a Raspberry Pi LAMP server for project hosting and hacking. Currently developing Node and RoR projects and managing accounts for friends and family on the RPI. Details on the build and project can be found on the homepage and here and will be updated periodically as the project develops.


At Columbia University DevFest, created a Python Flask web app to interact with messages and contacts uploaded from an android app designed to run in the background on a user's phone. The web interface allows registered users to sign in, view their contacts and message threads, as well as message contacts directly from within the app. The goal of the app is to provide an emergency solution when a phone runs out of battery. Linger won DevFest's Best Use of Twilio award. I am continuing development of the app and its business model in an Entrepreneurship class at Columbia.

Wing It (out of date)

At University of Pennsylvania's PennApps, created a Python Flask web app allowing users to search for flights based on cost rather than destination. We scraped Google flights data to populate a database from which we could index flights by airfare, rather than departure and arrival destinations. We incorporated current destination temperature and sorting by temperature or cost.

Sarah Makes Maps Blog (out of date)

Design and implementation of Jekyll blog for my girlfriend Sarah's GIS mapmaking.

William Falk-Wallace — wfalkwallace@gmail.com — (917) 679-3449